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Hey hi, all,

I like to write about some rather outre sexual practices that I and other women like to engage in. However, we need to remember that not all women are so free.

In India, which is a democracy and where women have a lot of freedoms, there is an organized movement to take women’s rights away from them. In Bangalore, India, men who are apparently members or supporters of a Hindu nationalist party are going around attacking women for the “crime” of visiting bars. In recent days, in that city, gangs of men have been going around attacking lone women because they disapprove of what the women are wearing. (Details of the attacks)

Women aren’t taking this peacefully. On Valentine’s Day, there was a movement to send the Hindu nationalist party women’s underwear (pink chaddis). There will be protests of the attacks on March 7-8. Click on the link to see what you can do, whether you live in India or not.

Vickie P.

A right-wing, fundamentalist Hindu party is trying to keep Indian women from going to pubs (U.S.: bars). As a protest, on Valentine’s Day, they are sending the party their chaddis (also known as knickers; U.S.: panties). Support the Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women any way you can.

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