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Spoiler warning:

Well, I just saw “Revenge of the Jedi,” in which it turns out that Luke and Leia are twins. So, um, if Leia had formed that menage with Luke and Han — just ewww!

Hey hi, all,

I’ve been watching some of the old Star Wars movies. Leia clearly loves both Luke and Han. Why doesn’t she just ask them to form a menage with her? Luke and Han don’t seem to have any interest in each other in that way, but it could at least be an MFM thing.

Two scenes (plus some advice): In each of them, two men make love to a woman (Nina herself in the first scene). The woman takes the guys in pretty much every way imaginable. It’s really hot, especially if you’re a woman who has this fantasy.

What doesn’t happen: The guys do not touch each other. This may be a relief to some, a disappointment to others.

    • heyhiall: Hi, Findsome, I admire your goals -- to show your wife some good porn and to give her a threesome. Most of the porn I like is of the MMF varie
    • Findsomeporn4mywife: I'm trying to find some MFM porn to help pique my wife's interest in doing an MFM, without being too obvious at first. I want this to be her idea. If
    • heyhiall: Thanks, babe. Welcome and come again soon. Very Truly Yours, Vickie P.