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vickie fucks and sucks

That’s what somebody typed into a search engine to find this blog. I know; WordPress tells me these things. I don’t know, however, if the user was looking for this Vickie in particular, or another Vickie, or no Vickie in particular. WordPress can’t tell me that.

I also don’t know if it was more of a question, you know like, “Is it true that Vickie fucks and sucks?” Or, maybe it was more of a statement: “I know that Vickie fucks and sucks”

So, User X (can I call you User X?), let’s see if we can find some answers to your questions.

I don’t currently have a linkroll for this blog, but it wouldn’t take too many clicks to find my MySpace page. There you’ll see that I am 43-year-old straight woman. So you could probably assume that I do practice fellatio and engage in sexual intercourse, or at least I have done so in my time.

Let’s take first things first now, User X. You’ve got the fucking before the sucking, but where I come from, fellatio is more likely to precede intercourse. You may have seen my admiring comment on a page with beautiful photos of fellatrixes sucking some lovely penises.

More obviously, though, you may have noticed my expressions of pleasure derived from MMF erotica. (MMF, by the way, involves two men and one woman, with at least some man-on-man action.) I’ve written about it here, here, here, and here. One of the nice things about MMF porn, to my mind, is that it involves 50 percent more cocks than the more usual man-woman variety. Fifty percent more cocks generally means 50 percent more cocksucking.

Now, what about intercourse? I’ve got a boyfriend, and I love penis-in-vagina sex as much as anyone.

But one thing that makes me different — as my bf will attest and readers of this blog will come to find out — is that sometimes I like to do the penetrating as well as be penetrated. It’s not a femdom thing for me. That’s how it is for some couples, but for me and my bf, we just want to make love in a different way. So sometimes, I strap on a dildo and fuck him in the ass. And, User X? If you find a woman who will do that for you, I hope you take it like a man.

So, yeah, Vickie fucks and sucks.

A group (couple?) of Christian nymphos consider pegging:

Again, here we are with something that is not specifically mentioned in scriptures. We are left to try and decide for ourselves if this practice falls within the category of sin.

Turns out, it’s OK! Onward, Christian nymphos!

I love this video from the Wet Spots.  If you’re one-half of a straight couple, have you asked your sweetie if he or she will take it in the ass? Ladies and gentlemen, will you take it in the ass yourself?

When I picked up the last issue of Playgirl, I was pleasantly surprised to find this article:

Strapped: Straight men who like it in the ass? Believe it.

Writer, Charlotte Dale

It was about midnight, after a few Jameson and ginger ales, John*, 27, was expressing his desire to fuck me in the ass. It was our first date.

“How about I do the same to you?” I responded, imagining strapping on my average-sized silicone cock with attached vibe and shoving it inside of him.

He turned to me with pure incredulous delight. “Okay!”

Upon arriving at my apartment, we ripped each other’s clothes off and immediately started getting it on. He was instantly hard. I strapped on my cock, threw him down on all fours and shoved my fingers inside of him. As soon as he was loose enough, I thrust my cock inside of him. It wasn’t difficult, though from his moans I could tell it was his first time. I could also tell he loved every minute of it.

“It’s not the power dynamic part that gets me hot, but the visceral pleasure of getting fucked by a woman,” explained Dean, 30, of his desire to have me strap on a silicone cock and throw him over some furniture. Eventually, I did, watching him use my cock to please himself just as I had used so many others.

I had arrived at the idea of reversing roles hesitantly while seeing Jack, a man twelve years my senior whose subservience was not something that I relished. I liked to be submissive on occasion — letting a man pound me for hours was more my speed — though I also loved climbing on top and taking control. He tried desperately to bring out my dominant side, but I wasn’t ready.

I stewed on the idea for months until I met a 28-year-old blonde named Ben. I brought the idea up, and he was willing to experiment, but hesitated at the idea of submitting to me. Every time the conversation turned to pegging — a term coined by sex advice columnist Dan Savage — he became flummoxed. Trust was the key.

One Saturday afternoon we took a field trip to Soho’s Babeland and landed in front of a glass shelf lined with dildos. I kept quiet. I knew that for this to happen, he would have to feel like he was making the decision. Ben looked at the silicone phalluses solemnly, his eyes darting from size to size, finally landing on a flesh-toned cock of average length and girth. We found a harness with a vibrator for me and headed for the register.

Back at home, Ben was beginning to get cold feet. “Let’s try it without the harness for now,” he begged. I knew I wouldn’t get to fuck him unless he was totally comfortable. I worked him up with my fingers, before lubing up the cock and slowly plunging it inside of him. After a few minutes, Ben’s face crinkled and he squirmed a bit before declining to go on. He wasn’t ready to submit, but I was aching for more.

Sometimes women are more squeamish about this act than men, like I had been at first.

“There is also a hesitation from women, because they think, ‘Is this guy really gay?’ ” Jack had told me. “But I always say, the activity is gender neutral, attraction to a gender is the identity.”

Since reversing gender roles in the bedroom, I feel quite liberated, and honestly, slightly more brutish. My innate urge to fuck has grown stronger, and I often catch myself checking out guys on the street with a whole new perspective: my appreciation for a man’s ass has grown exponentially.

But while I carry this experience with a badge of honor, all the men I’ve encountered with my cock — save for Jack — carried some shame over our trysts. When I called John recently to ask him how he felt, belatedly, about our romps — he declined to comment. “Everything that happened with us happened behind closed doors,” he said. “And that’s how it will stay.”

* All names have been changed.

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