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More on teabagging from Rachel Maddow.

Make sure you know what teabagging means, then watch this video:

vickie fucks and sucks

That’s what somebody typed into a search engine to find this blog. I know; WordPress tells me these things. I don’t know, however, if the user was looking for this Vickie in particular, or another Vickie, or no Vickie in particular. WordPress can’t tell me that.

I also don’t know if it was more of a question, you know like, “Is it true that Vickie fucks and sucks?” Or, maybe it was more of a statement: “I know that Vickie fucks and sucks”

So, User X (can I call you User X?), let’s see if we can find some answers to your questions.

I don’t currently have a linkroll for this blog, but it wouldn’t take too many clicks to find my MySpace page. There you’ll see that I am 43-year-old straight woman. So you could probably assume that I do practice fellatio and engage in sexual intercourse, or at least I have done so in my time.

Let’s take first things first now, User X. You’ve got the fucking before the sucking, but where I come from, fellatio is more likely to precede intercourse. You may have seen my admiring comment on a page with beautiful photos of fellatrixes sucking some lovely penises.

More obviously, though, you may have noticed my expressions of pleasure derived from MMF erotica. (MMF, by the way, involves two men and one woman, with at least some man-on-man action.) I’ve written about it here, here, here, and here. One of the nice things about MMF porn, to my mind, is that it involves 50 percent more cocks than the more usual man-woman variety. Fifty percent more cocks generally means 50 percent more cocksucking.

Now, what about intercourse? I’ve got a boyfriend, and I love penis-in-vagina sex as much as anyone.

But one thing that makes me different — as my bf will attest and readers of this blog will come to find out — is that sometimes I like to do the penetrating as well as be penetrated. It’s not a femdom thing for me. That’s how it is for some couples, but for me and my bf, we just want to make love in a different way. So sometimes, I strap on a dildo and fuck him in the ass. And, User X? If you find a woman who will do that for you, I hope you take it like a man.

So, yeah, Vickie fucks and sucks.

“Lip licky licky …

You learn to like to lick a lady,

Lady like you and you’ll likely score.”

Bananas and mangos were never so *interesting*.

Another great one from the Wet Spots.

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