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I like to write about my interests for the Internet public. (If you’re wondering what those interests are, see About Vickie P. and her interests or just check the tag line above.)

But apparently my interests are radioactive for the people who run some major sites on the Web. I’ve tried various social networking sites. One of them kicked me off for something I wrote. Another censors some of my links. I also add links to Delicious, but they don’t get followed by Google, so it doesn’t do as much for the people and things I like to promote.

I’ll keep trying those other sites, but I will post my longer, juicier stuff here. (If you’d like to follow me elsewhere in cyberspace, check out the links in the sidebar after a few days.)

* Some of you may be old enough to remember the late Adm. James Stockdale.


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    • heyhiall: Thanks, babe. Welcome and come again soon. Very Truly Yours, Vickie P.