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Hey hi, all,

Women know what we want. In recent decades, we have become more open about our sexual desires and interests. We have made clear what we want from our lovers and from our erotica.

Some women — not all, mind you, but a significant number — are interested in homoerotic words and images.

Sexuality author Tristan Taormino wrote in Girls Love Gay Male Porn:

The phenomenon of straight women who love gay male porn has been documented and was discussed plenty when flocks of females gushed over Brokeback Mountain. When women came out of their fag-loving closet, it illustrated the flip side of a common theory: Plenty of straight men love girl/girl porn because they want to see lots of who they lust after. The same is true for het women: They like to look at hot naked men fucking, and it doesn’t really matter that they’re fucking each other.

Kera Bolonik writes at, a publication focusing on sex:

[W]hen it comes to visual stimulation, nothing makes me hotter than watching two men going at it.

It’s not just professional writers of sex columns. Average women writing in to advice columns are taking pride in their interests. In Dan Savage’s Savage Love, a woman letter writer says:

I, for one, think that all married, straight wannabe cocksuckers should be encouraged! I’m one of those women who loves to see a man get busy with another man. But most straight men I know, even the kinky ones, are too busy protecting their fragile, homophobic male egos to experiment.

Another woman posed her question to the advisors at the Times of London:

I am a straight, happily married woman in my forties. I have recently discovered gay male porn and find it arousing. Is this unusual?

The two advice columnists answered, basically, “You go, girl!” Check out the whole article, though. It’s worth a read.

In Japan, there’s even a whole genre of comics depicting homosexual relationships for the enjoyment of a mostly female audience.

Unlike some women who write about their love of homoerotica, I don’t want to just sit back and watch. I want to be with those hot guys! If I can’t be there myself, I want to see another woman with them, so I can imagine myself in her place.

As I have written before (here and here), bisexual pornography often portrays two-men, one-woman threesomes featuring man-on-man action. (This is known as MMF. If you have the same gender lineup, but the men don’t do anything sexual together, that’s called MFM.)

While I like bisexual pornography (enough to start the Wikipedia article on it!), and I will write more about it another time, it’s not what I want to write about today. Bisexual pornography, like most porn, doesn’t seem to be aimed specifically at women; most of it is made by men for men. The focus is on the men, rather than the woman’s enjoyment. Sometimes the male actors even come from the world of gay porn.

At the same time that women have gotten more open about their desires, porn was getting more explicit (and prevalent). Naturally, porn for women came along.

While that was going on, something else was happening, something you may not know about, especially if you’re a man. Romance novels — a genre read almost exclusively by women — have gotten more sexually explicit, too. Imprints like Spice, Black Lace, and Nexus are putting out some racy stuff. These are not your mother’s Harlequin Romances.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

That’s right. There are now erotic romance novels featuring two-men, one-woman threesomes (both MMF and MFM).

I’ve read only one of these so far: Menage by Emma Holly. It’s about a woman named Kate who rents a room to a gay couple. She joins them in bed and the rest is history. (By the way, I find it interesting that the first three editions of this novel had a woman representing Kate on their covers, but the latest cover shows a man’s torso.)




I’ve discovered a group of women who rave about their favorite MMF erotic novels at In fact, they commonly tag their reviews so you can easily find popular MMF or MM erotica. (Some readers don’t seem to distinguish between MMF and MFM, so if that’s crucial for you, check the plot summaries carefully.) Here are some novels, in no particular order, that may soon find their way to my to-read pile:

I welcome your comments.

Women, do you read these novels? How did you discover them? What do you like about them?

If you’re a gay or bi man, how do you feel about a subculture of women taking such an interest in what you do in bed?

Vickie P.

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