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About Vickie P. and her interests

Hey hi, all,

I am a straight woman with somewhat unusual interests — pegging and bisexual erotica.

Pegging is the practice of a woman using a strap-on dildo on a man’s ass.  I enjoy doing this and experiencing it through erotic videos and books.

Bisexual erotica portrays — in words or pictures — heterosexual and homosexual acts.  Since straight men have historically set the standards, homosexual acts they find arousing (i.e., lesbian scenes) are acceptable in straight porn.  So, in practice, bisexual erotica mixes straight sex with gay male sex.  The easiest way to do that is with a two-man, one-woman threesome.  There are MMF threesomes (with homoerotic, man-on-man action) and MFM threesomes (no man-on-man action,  but lots of attention paid to the woman).  I’m interested in both kinds, although the second one isn’t really bisexual.

In my experience, when a woman writes openly about sex on the Internet, she gets some, um, interesting propositions from men.  Guys, I have all the lovers I need, so please don’t apply for the position.

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[…] I have written before (here and here), bisexual pornography often portrays two-men, one-woman threesomes featuring man-on-man action. […]

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    • heyhiall: Hi, Findsome, I admire your goals -- to show your wife some good porn and to give her a threesome. Most of the porn I like is of the MMF varie
    • Findsomeporn4mywife: I'm trying to find some MFM porn to help pique my wife's interest in doing an MFM, without being too obvious at first. I want this to be her idea. If
    • heyhiall: Thanks, babe. Welcome and come again soon. Very Truly Yours, Vickie P.


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